Duffryn 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

Duffryn 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

Some orchards even more than others contain within them a special kind of magic. Duffryn is one such. Towering cathedrals of oak flank avenues of ancient twisted and gnarled apple trees which are home to a plethora of life. White ermine moths, red kites, iridescent noble chafer beetles, butterflies, bats, bees, fungi, foxes and foxgloves all inhabit and frequent this haven from industrial agriculture.

Red apple skins and autumnal earthiness on the nose. In the mouth this orchard blend has a burst of fruity acidity followed by big, soft chewy tannins and juicy fizzy cola bottle flavour with a hint of spice. Long drying and gently astringent finish. Serve gently chilled.

  • 5.7% Vol.
  • 75cl x 6
  • Natural, unfiltered, unpasteurised, wild fermented, pet nat, medium, pure juice cider
  • Ingredients: Apples handpicked from unsprayed traditional standard orchards (Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Sheeps Snout, Browns, Newton Wonder, Kingston Black)
  • Pressed November 2020
  • No added sulphites

Bottle artwork by Artistraw's very own Lydia Crimp.

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