Beltane 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

Beltane 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

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Raise your glass in celebration of Beltane, the Celtic festival that welcomes Summer and the sun which will nourish and provide us with a bountiful harvest in the Autumn. Fires are lit and leapt over symbolising the leaving behind of Winter’s woes to greet the green months of warmth and abundance.

Pouring pinky gold, this cider offers the bright freshness of crisp green apples, vibrant acidity and the slightest sparkle in the mouth, followed by billowing tannins on the finish. Drink whilst basking in the warmth of a bonfire wearing a floral crown of hawthorn blossom and primroses.

  • 6% Vol.
  • 75cl
  • Medium, perlant, unfiltered, unpasteurised, wild fermented, pure juice, natural cider
  • Ingredients: Apples (Yarlington Mill, Reinette D’Obray, Chisel Jersey, Browns, Kingston Black)
  • Handpicked from unsprayed traditional standard orchards
  • Pressed November 2020
  • No added sulphites


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