Watershrew Sunset 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

Watershrew Sunset 2020 - Full case (6x 75cl bottles)

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A moment of contemplative calm is the perfect accompaniment for this cider. Enjoy either on a sunny afternoon, whilst lazing by the banks of a river, with friends seated around a campfire or curled up in your favourite chair, an excellent book in hand.

Yarlington Mill and Lambrook Pippin are paired together to create a beautifully rich cider that has hints of cloves in the mouth with the very slightest prickle of effervescence on the tongue.

  • 4.4% Vol.
  • 75cl
  • Natural cider
  • Unfiltered, unpasteurised, wild fermented, still, medium sweet, pure juice.
  • Ingredients: Apples (Lambrook Pippin, Yarlington Mill) handpicked from unsprayed traditional standard orchards
  • Pressed November 2020
  • No added sulphites

Bottle artwork by Artistraw's very own Lydia Crimp.


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