Welcome! We're Tom and Lydia, natural cider makers.

Our low intervention ciders contain only fruit that the two of us have handpicked from unsprayed, biodiversity-rich, traditional standard orchards and are as local to us as possible. Apples are the only ingredient you will ever find in any of our ciders! 

We don’t add any sugar, water or sulphites and we don’t pasteurize. Fermentation happens spontaneously using the apples' wonderful wild yeasts!

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How big is our cider's carbon footprint?

We are hugely proud to be the first UK cidery to publish our carbon footprinting data. Each bottle of cider now contains this information on the label. We believe this is an essential metric for us all to start being able to make conscious and informed choices about what we consume and the effect those decisions will have on our planet.

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'All I think about is picking apples'

This season we have had the complete honour of being shadowed by Finn Beales, an award-winning travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer. Finn has beautifully captured what it is to make and love cider through both still and moving image whilst exploring every aspect of our process from handpicking to pressing.

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“We want to get ourselves away from the disposable, consumptive culture of debt and infinite growth.”

Read about our cidermaking ethos in this wonderful article for Pellicle Mag by Helen Jerome, with beautiful photography by Lily Waite.

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  • On Beltane...

    "Hazy gold and lightly sparkling with orange and spice on the nose. Satsuma, black pepper and aniseed on the tongue- soft and juicy at first but with mouth-drying tannins on the finish to balance the residual sweetness. Delicious!"


  • A flight of cider...

    "I’ve long had a high opinion of Artistraw, but this flight has elevated it considerably. They deserve all the attention they are currently enjoying. I can’t wait to see where they go next".

    -Adam Wells, Cider Review

  • On Voulez-Shrew (Aha)

    "What a phenomenal return to tasting cider again, this is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever drunk. 10/10."