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Artistraw Cider

10x Lucky dip labels from the archive

10x Lucky dip labels from the archive

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We always get asked for prints of our artwork so thought it would be fun to share some of our unused labels from the archive with you!

You will recieve:

10x Printed paper labels (25cm x9.5cm)- professionally printed onto recycled paper, each with a different design

The designs you recieve will be lucky dip but if there is a particular one that catches your eye, let us know and we'll do our best to help!

All of our artwork is done in house by myself (Lydia) using a mixture of mediums; from lino prints to drawings brought to life using handmade inks. I’ve lived my whole life with a constant desire to create and the sheer joy that combining this passion with the art of cider making brings is impossible to describe. We’re so grateful for every compliment we get about our cider, whether it’s directed at what on the inside or the outside of the bottle!

We sometimes order a few extra labels from our lovely local printer and as such have an increasingly large collection tucked away in a drawer never seeing the light of day. Therefore it struck us that it might be nice to share these with you all. Since we paste our homemade natural glue onto the labels by hand, the labels are beautifully printed onto paper with no adhesive and therefore perfect for framing, scrapbooking or whatever else you fancy doing with them.

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